I dove right into my February intentions (in large part because they are all so much fun!). I started with the mini make-up makeover. This was really just a quick make-up update to refresh my tired look, and try to accommodate my ever changing pregnant skin.

Now when it comes to make-up I will force myself to splurge on a relatively expensive foundation and a good quality face cream. These two items are my base products, and there are many occasions when only these two products actually make it onto my face. Also, I don’t use a ton of either, so they usually last me about three (3) to four (4) months, which breaks down to a cost of about $15.00 per item, per month.

Now, I wouldn’t exactly describe myself as super savvy at applying make-up. I can give myself a nice professional look, but if I try to get to fancy I tend to look like I fell into a display at the make-up store. So I generally steer away from anything bold. BUT…..about a year and a half ago I finally discovered that I could book a 45 minute custom make-over at Sephora for only $50.00.

Now, as we have discussed previously, I’m……….frugal. So spending even $50.00 on a mini make-over is not something I would normally do. But here’s what hooked me…….if you subsequently buy $50.00 worth of product, the mini make over is complimentary! With my usual foundation priced at about $52.00 a bottle, I now book a mini-makeover everything single time I run out of foundation. This translates to three (3) or four (4) FREE mini-makeovers a year, just from replacing my foundation alone. This works especially great to ensure I have the proper colour matched foundation for each season (something I have not been so great at in the past!).

Even if you’re someone who uses more cost efficient products, you can just wait until you have a few make-up items you need to replace, and then purchase them all when you go for a mini make-over!

For someone like me, who isn’t a make-up expert, the make-over’s have the added bonus of one-on-one time with a Sephora make-up consultant who guide’s you through which season’s colours work with your skin tone, and also imparts lots of handy little application tricks.

The best part is that you can give your consultant as much or as little guidance about the look you want to achieve. Sometimes I tell the consultant to just do whatever she feels like. This is always fun because I end up with a look that I would never think of, which pushes me outside my very basic make-up comfort zone.

So, I booked my mini makeover this past week, grabbed my Grande Decafe Americano (with coconut milk), utilized the bathroom several times before hand (pregnant bladder), and strolled into the local mall in hopes that I could make it through the whole appointment without having to run for the bathroom. (Spoiler alert, I made it, but just barely, the baby has picked up a new game called kick Mommy in the bladder……..).

I explained my pregnancy skin woes to the consultant, which really just consisted of my skin being super dry. I also explained that I was extremely fearful of going for a bolder eyebrow, and that generally I just stayed away from doing anything at all with them. I love the look of beautifully defined eyebrows on OTHER people, they look so put together. But on me, yikes, it just looks weird. With fair skin and blonde hair, achieving that defined but not overdone look is just way outside my make-up capability.

Fortunately the consultant had beautifully shaped and defined eyebrows, (that were also very natural looking, not the “who took a sharpie marker to your face” kind of look), so I felt confident she was going to be able to show me some great tricks.

She did a great job, applying a vast array of wonderful products that I had never tried before to culminate in a soft, spring inspired look. My eyebrows in particular she did an amazing job of! With just a pencil, some defining gel, and a few artistic strokes she transformed my eyebrows into almost an entirely different shape that suited my face much better! I was amazed! As she did it, she explained every step to me, and I was an attentive student, desperately hoping I would somehow be able to replicate this look on my own.

It also really helped that the consultant picked the right colour pencil for my hair/skin tone. With not having been to the salon in over 9 months time (I was overdue for an appointment when I found out I was pregnant!) my natural dirty blonde colour had grown out about six (6) to seven (7) inchers – yikes! But, on the plus side, it gave the consultant a darker colour to match the eyebrow pencil to, which almost made my hair colour look intentional! Go figure!

All in all the mini make-over definitely gave me a refreshed look, and I ended up purchasing the eyebrow pencil and switching to a foundation that worked better with my dryer pregnancy skin. So far I have actually been able to successfully replicate the look with my eyebrows (okay maybe not exactly, but pretty darn close), and the new foundation has left my skin feeling great!

With this boost to my look I’m actually pretty excited to go try on some maternity clothes, and get together will my girlfriends! As an added bonus, I think my husband will appreciate this renewal of effort!

Next Up: Get Social: Time with my Gal Pal’s.