March was a great month. I got to spend tons of quality time with my husband, and tackled all the remaining items on my to do list before the baby arrives. I feel prepared and ready for this baby to arrive now (actually I felt ready for this baby to arrive last week!).

I’ll definitely be taking my lessons learned in March into April with me, trying to maintain the headway I made in terms of speaking my husband’s love language, as well as improving my daily habit of mindfulness and meditation.

My two intentions for April will continue to build on what I’ve learned thus far, as well as provide building blocks for future months. So without further ado, here’s where my focus will be for April 2017:

1. Enjoy the process

-Take a breath and slow down each and every day;

-Celebrate the small moments;

-Throw out the to-do list.


2. Stay clean!

-Take a shower EVERYDAY;

-Blow dry my hair;

-Get dressed.


Intention #1 is all about the fact that the baby is arriving this month. The perfect time to slow down, count my blessings, and enjoy the journey. I’ve picked this intention for April because I have been so heavily warned by media, books, family and friends that the first month of my child’s life will be a blur. I believe them! I have no doubt it’s going to be challenging, and that I’m likely going to be exhausted almost 24/7, BUT, that’s exactly why I have picked this month to focus on slowing down.

I want to take the time to forget about the to-do list and the craziness of life. I’m hitting the pause button on everything but my family. I want to soak in every last minute of this precious time, without the cloud or pressure of typical life and commitments. I’m giving myself permission in advance to just be present and enjoy the moment.

Forget the house cleaning, forget the meal planning, forget making it to various events, my blog posts might even become pretty sporadic, but it can all wait – how many times in life do you have a brand new baby? I want to savour it as best as a non-sleeping, exhausted parent of a small infant can.

Coming up with measurable actions for this intention was harder than I anticipated, but I think this is one area where I’m just going to have to stay mindful and  use my intention as a daily mantra. Anytime I start to feel overwhelmed, or concerned with the things that aren’t getting done, I will remind myself that this time is fleeting and to “enjoy the process”.

Intention #2 is my personal commitment to not let having a small infant result in my completely losing my sanity or sense or personal well being! I do not want to be the mom who doesn’t get out of their PJ’s, and answers the door with a half-done bun, and vomit stains all over their shirt. Don’t get me wrong, I am absolutely not judging those who have been there, I know their lives are crazy busy and they are choosing what their priorities are and I applaud them for that.

BUT, there is a small piece of me that feels that if I can maintain just a few key pieces of my own personal hygeine, IE: taking a shower, getting dressed and doing my hair, that  (at least for me personally) this will help me feel like I’m maintaining my sanity and not totally losing myself to the parenting process!

My house might end up being dirty, I might not do my weekly meal planning, and my social life might dip for awhile, but for me personally, I’m going to stay clean!. This is (in my own mind) how I keep my own identify and sense of self-worth, and avoid only identifying as “Mom”.

I’m not suggesting this is the right approach for everyone, but I know deep down that for me, it will be important to still feel like me.

So, I’m committing to myself that I will still shower every day, blow dry my hair, and get dressed! No matter how crazy life gets, I can certainly find the time to do those three things for myself.

I’m definitely keeping it simply for April, but hey, I have no doubt once this baby arrives things will get a little crazy and I’ll be thanking my lucky stars for simple goals. It’s going to be an interesting, fun, amazing, life-changing, exhausting and thrilling month!