Pursuing the State of Contentment

A yearlong journey to capture the essence of contentment.


Monthly Intentions

Post #24 – April’s Intentions

March was a great month. I got to spend tons of quality time with my husband, and tackled all the remaining items on my to do list before the baby arrives. I feel prepared and ready for this baby to... Continue Reading →

Post #18 – March’s Intentions

Despite some bumps in the road at the end of February, it was a much lighter month, and yet I still identified some substantial ways of improving my overall contentment. For March I want to continue taking advantage of the... Continue Reading →

Post #11 – February’s Intentions

January involved from pretty major goals for improvement/self-awareness, and I feel like I am off to a solid start in both setting my intentions and identifying concrete actions with which to measure my success. But rather than stay on the deeper, heavier side, I decided that February would be a good time to enjoy some lighter areas to improve on, but that still built on some of the things I had learned in January. So here’s my physical and mental intentions/actions for February:

Post #3 – January’s Intentions

I had my framework to guide me. I had written down my commitments. As someone who felt compelled to meet both my outer and inner expectations, there was no backing out now. It was time to get started. So for January 2017 I selected my mental and physical intentions.

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